My Weekly Menu 10/16 – 10/22

Alright, fine.  I’ll admit it.  Since i started sharing recipes with you all, I have actually started enjoying cooking (a little bit) again lately.  I think sharing what I’m making has forced me to actually take my own advice and plan meals for the week.  The result is that I don’t get to the end of the day and have to figure out what I’m making, I already have a plan.  It’s made the end of the day less stressful.

I honestly used to love cooking so much (about 12 years ago) that I considered a cooking/meal prep blog.  My thought at that time was I’d send out recipes to people based on what was on sale that week…. sound familiar???  But I’m not a chef and certainly don’t take quality photographs, so I knew I’d never be able to make what I was cooking look like all those recipe blogs I enjoyed. 

Anyhow, here’s my plan for the week.

Vegetable Paninis

I first tried this recipe from the EveryPlate subscription I’ve done (on and off) for a couple years now.  I don’t eat mayonnaise, so I leave that out and use avocado instead.  I use any excuse I can find to add avocado to things.  I did this meal last night, so I can tell you that I also made French fries and steamed carrots to go with it.

Stir Fry

I have made this stir fry for years.  I’ve altered the ingredients in various ways, but I keep the sauce the same.  This week I’ll do a veggie stir fry.  I typically double the veggies and the sauce when I make it.  I’ll do broccoli, bell peppers, cabbage, sugar snap peas and carrots because those are the veggies that I had already and/or purchased this week.  I also use veggie broth instead of chicken broth

Sweetgreen Harvest Bowl Knockoff (

This is a new recipe for me.  I LOVE the restaurant Sweetgreen and this is the salad I would always order.  Until recently I was only able to eat here when I the DC/Virginia area.   Thankfully the quick-service restaurant is starting to branch out to other states!  I found this copycat recipe and I’m excited to try it out!  The Harvest Bowl is what I would always order.  

Salmon, Rice and Veggies

This is my easy meal this week.  This is kind of a staple meal in my house. I’ll actually be making this today (Monday) because it’s a busy day and this one is easy to pull together.  I marinate the salmon in teriyaki sauce and then I’ll likely use the minute rice I got from Target on sale last week and some type of veggie.  Whatever sounds good when I start cooking that I find in my fridge.  

Rainbow Shirataki Bowl with Peanut Lime Sauce • It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken

When I was going through my recipes, this one stood out to me.  I know it’s not really a “fall” recipe, but I break all the rules.  LOL.  Y’all know I’m kidding; I’m a total rule follower.  In the kitchen, however, I have a hard time following a recipe exactly as written.  I can’t remember how I altered this one, so I’ll let you know once I make it this week