The BEST Walgreens, Walmart and Target Deals | Week of 1/1 -1/7

Video Here:

This week I made just one video that highlighted all the best deals for Walmart, Walgreens and Target. I decided to take Sunday off, so I wanted to show you all a few Walgreens deals during my regular Target/Walmart haul. I will be back to my regular schedule this coming week.

Walmart was a little light on deals this week, but Target and Walgreens made up for it! If you have the goal on spending less money and/or saving more on groceries this year, I can help!

In the video, I also talk about what meals I am cooking. This week is pretty easy since I had a meal kit delivered from Home Chef. I decided to do Home Chef again 1) because I love it but 2) because they are running an awesome promotion. If you want to score and AWESOME deal, check them out here:

If you want to start using more cash back apps this year, check out my tutorials here:

One YEAR of exercise classes for just $0.79 here:

Printable List of Deals from Video: